the Relaxation Rainbow

TinCat had the pleasure of collaborating with Katie Brown to design her new children's book of relaxations, and create a series of vibrant, colourful illustrations.

Aimed at children aged 4-12, the book offers a series of nine guided visualizations, each focusing on yoga, breathwork, as well as the colors of the rainbow – inviting the reader on a soothing and nurturing journey.

Using a combination of hand drawn and digital techniques, each illustration aims to capture the essence of the associated color and the nature of the relaxation exercises.

Katie Brown is a renowned yoga lecturer, restorative yoga expert and guided relaxation specialist. The book can be found on her website or on Amazon.

the Relaxation Rainbow book cover
the Relaxation Rainbow book cover

Children's book design and illustrations

Ruth and I have worked together on several projects during the past few years from DVDs, to advertisements and websites. Most recently Ruth did the art work for my book, Guided Relaxation. Ruth is an incredibly talented artist and quite simply a joy to work with. She is very professional and doesn’t get flustered by tight deadlines. She has great ideas and is obviously very creative with amazing attention to detail. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Katie Brown, Yoga Teacher and author