Portland Brown

Portland Brown specialises in providing temporary homes for corporate guests in London and Bristol and we’ve been working together for a few years now. We began with some simple projects (business cards, a chocolate box insert) to ‘test the water’ and found we enjoyed working together. Since then we have liaised on a variety of projects: from a corporate brochure, to an illustrated mailer with stickers, and a fold out map of London showing all their current properties.

Working closely with the marketing department, TinCat reliably delivers sophisticated design within Portland Brown’s tight brand guidelines (which already existed when I came on board) so that everything we produce looks like part of the family (we liaised together to make sure their bright yellow looks the same on both coated and uncoated paper – rarely a simple task!). Having strict guidelines doesn’t mean design can’t look fresh and engaging – the challenge with these projects is to do both.

Portland Brown’s feedback

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ruth since I joined Portland Brown a year ago. She’d been freelancing for us a while before that. I’ve always been very impressed with how quickly and readily she would jump on tasks we would ask of her, as many of our jobs are last-minute. Ruth is great at incorporating our look and feel into each piece of work, always has such great vision and is skilful at taking a rough idea/brief and turning it into something great. On top of all this, she is wonderful to work with.

Alexa Niccolls, Marketing Executive

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