Fresh Range

Fresh Range are an online ‘supermarket’ who supply fresh local produce sourced directly from award winning producers in Somerset and Gloucestershire. They already had a logo when they first contacted TinCat but they needed help to develop the look and feel of their new brand. They also needed a promotional brochure, so we looked at how creating a style for this might carry across to other materials such as adverts and banners.

We all agreed it should be image led, and that the images had to really emphasise their core values of ‘fresh’ and ‘local’. Fortunately I know a great photographer (Max Gould) who already had some ideal shots in his collection, so we’ve used his images not only for the brochure but to start building up a library for future use.

We kept the brochure small and square in format – to make it stand out from more conventional sizes. Uncoated paper gives it a tactile and more rustic feel in keeping with what Fresh Range is all about and the large, full bleed images are really eye-catching.

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