A new logo and branding design for a small business being set up by a couple who truly are passionate about cheese.

They approached TinCat for a brand that would look rustic and imperfect, “like the product we are going to sell”. A vintage look to create an established provenance behind the brand, with a human touch, a smudge or wobble; the cheese is handmade and hand cut, the brand needed to reflect that patina of age.

This is the result. They seem pleased and their cheese business is booming, both online and on their market stall! Of course it helps that the cheese is so delicious!

I went on to design their marketing materials including delivery boxes with information cards, as well as the wax paper wrapping for the cheese. Then when they opened a shop last year, I helped to design the signage.

“We first approached Ruth when we decided to expand our current business and set up an ecommerce site to sell our cheese online. Having worked together on a project in the past, we knew she would carefully listen to our ideas and help translate them into reality.

We needed a strong brand identity from which the website would take inspiration and evolve. After considered conversations Ruth fully understood our brief and the creative process began. With her knowledge of branding and attention to detail we now have a logo and brand which is strong and has received numerous praise from not only our customers but also other creative people.

It can be a daunting task to create a logo which speaks volumes about your business, but Ruth made it into a pleasurable experience. We have continued to work with Ruth as our business has evolved and look forward to more collaborations in the future.

Update: We have now partnered with a champagne house who loved the logo Ruth created for us and felt it matched their brand well. Ruth managed to take the vision we held in our heads and translate it in a professional and timely manner.  The end goal being to create a logo we were 100% happy with which I have to say – we still love several years down the line!

Louise Keedwell-Wirtz, L’Affinage Founder | laffinage.co.uk